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New Vision Book Fair
Sponsored by the SU Administration, New Vision Fraternity of the Faculty of Pharmacy launched on Sunday 6/3/2016 a three-day book fair on campus. .......... More
Information Technology’s Fine Arts Exhibition 14/12/2015
Acting out of its commitment to promote students’ artistic taste, the SU Administration organized on Monday 14/12/2015 a fine arts exhibition at the Faculty of Information Technology. .......... More
SU Asphalt Graffiti Contest 07/12/2015
Sponsored by the SU Administration and in recognition of Arts' role in developing students artistic and self-expression abilities, the SU Student Activities Department organized the annual asphalt graffiti contest across Sinai University from Saturday 05/12/2015 until Monday 07/12/2015. .......... More
Pharmacy Fine Arts Exhibition 1/11/2015
Under the patronage of SU Administration and in activation of the role played by artistic events in promoting students' artistic taste, a fine arts exhibition was held on Sunday 01/11/2015 at the Faculty of Pharmacy. .......... More
Actor Preparation Workshop
Seeking to maintain the positive gains and titles achieved by Sinai University at Ibda' (Creativity) III Contest, the Student Activity Department organized on Tuesday 20/10/2015 an artistic workshop for acting. .......... More
Theatrical Performance (Wenta Tali 1980)
Sponsored by the SU Administration, and as part of SU's efforts to unleash students' artistic potential, a theatrical performance labeled (Wenta Tali 1980) was staged on Monday 4/5/2015. .......... More
Folk Arts Team on Algeria’s 4th Heritage Forum
Sponsored by the Ministry of Youth and Sport, Sinai University has taken part in the Algerian 4th Heritage Forum under the motto (Heritage is Renewed Innovation) represented by its folk art team from 16/5/2015 until 18/5/2015. .......... More
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