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SU Chess Tournament 21-3-2016
Sponsored by the SU Administration and in fulfilment of SU’s moral obligation towards students, a chess tournament was organized on Monday 21/3/2016 across the faculties of Sinai University at the Faculty of Engineering premises. .......... More
Mass Com Technology Faculty Delegation Visits Scouting Events
Prof Siham Nassar, Dean of the Faculty of Mass Communication Technology,14/11/2015, along with a delegation of faculty members, visited the SU Scouting camping site to follow the events of the male and female scouting members. .......... More
SU’s 10th Scouting Festival Inaugurated
Sponsored by the SU Administration, the 10th Scouting Festival for SU male and female scouts was inaugurated on Tuesday 10/11/2015 out of SU’s firm belief in the role of scouting in accomplishing the students’ social, spiritual, and athletic development. .......... More
Mass Com Technology Students Organize Talent Show
The students of the Faculty of Mass Communications Technology, batch 120, organized on Monday 09/11/2015 a talent show for those with distinguished talents in singing, poetry, recitation, and stand-up comedy acts. .......... More
SU Arm Wrestling Championship 02/11/2015
Sponsored by the SU Administration and in empowering the role of sports and athleticism in developing students’ integrated characters, the SU Department of Student Activities organized the Arm Wrestling Championship for Sinai University on Monday 02/11/2015. .......... More
Chess Championship of Dentistry College 26/10/2015
Out of SU's belief in the importance of promoting sportsmanship among students and developing their intellectual and mental capacity, the Department of Student Activities organized on Monday 26/10/2015 a chess championship for the Faculty of Dentistry. .......... More
بطولة الشطرنج على مستوى كلية العلوم الهندسية 24/10/2015
إيمانًا من الجامعة فى تنمية الروح الرياضية وتنمية مهارات الطلاب الفكرية والذهنية نظمت إدارة الأنشطة الطلابية بطولة الشطرنج على مستوى كلية العلوم الهندسية وذلك يوم السبت الموافق 24/10/2015 . .......... More
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