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PEST Analysis Workshop

   Sponsored by the SU Administration, the Faculty of Business Administration and International Marketing organized on Saturday 26/3/2016 a workshop on PEST Analysis.

   The workshop was attended by a number of academics and key figures of the local community as well as deans and faculty members.

   In a short speech, Faculty Dean Prof Ahmad Abazah welcomed the honorable guests and esteemed attendees while QC Unit Director Dr. Rahandah Al-Kashif thanked the SU Administration for sponsoring the event.

   The events of the workshop kicked off with welcoming the audiences, including Dr. Abd-al-Karim Al-Sha’ir, head of the QC Unit at Arish Educational Department. Following the theoretical presentation of the PEST Analysis, the attendees were divided into five groups and were handed the analysis forms. Upon the completion of those forms, a representative of each group would make a presentation of their findings.

   At the end of the workshop, each attendee was given the chance to evaluate the workshop and express their opinions.

Date : 2016-3-26
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