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Achieving excellence and total quality in education and scientific research and community service through constant evaluation and improvement.

Empowering Sinai University with its various units to meet the quality standards requirements in order to achieve total quality and constant improvement of university education system to enable the University and its faculties to achieve the educational, research and service performance levels consistent with the local, regional and global standards, which ultimately renders SU eligible for local and global accreditation.

- Developing general strategies for the application and implementation of TQM.
- Implementing general policies and rules of the comprehensive development efforts established by the University Board.
- Providing information to SU senior administration on the outcome of the total quality efforts.
- Coordinating TQM efforts between quality units in each faculty and university sectors to implement TQM goals.
- Developing short and long-term plans for the application of TQM programs and objectives.
- Monitoring total quality progress at the university level and its different sectors.
- Devising plans and mechanisms for quality assurance.
- Setting programs to measure and evaluate performance in TQM fields.
- Developing appropriate programs and plans required to check on the quality of performance at the university.
- Contributing to work on the simplification of procedures in the administrative and academic areas in order to achieve TQM objectives.
- Offering courses, workshops, seminars and conferences on the total quality
- Providing technical support to the university quality units and assisting faculties to get institutional and academic accreditation for their programs.
- Communicating with the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education (NAQAAE).

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