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The following goals, concepts, and expectations were kept in mind in establishing SU:

  • To keep a distinguished standard in education that makes it a center of excellence.
  • To educate and train a cadre of students who are independent, progressive thinkers and innovators.
  • To make the best use of Sinai's unique location and its international reputation as the cradle of religions and peace to achieve those goals.

We believe that time and location can make these ideas come true, therefore Sinai University is planned to have two campuses, one in the city of Al-Arish, the capital of North Sinai and the other is in the town of El Qantara East.


The students will have time for learning and education, and will lead a life surrounded by a charming nature. They will be self independent in formulating their personality and will actively participate in all academic and recreational facilities including faculty academic buildings, students' hostels, central library, gymnasium, coffee shops, swimming pools and horseback riding.

Being involved in extracurricular activities can be a valuable addition to your academic achievements. SU has a significant  number of student clubs and committees, making your university experience balanced, interesting and rewarding. As you learn and grow from the challenges of their coursework, you also gain experience, knowledge, and satisfaction from extracurricular programs. All students, regardless of their academic program, are encouraged to participate in activities outside the classroom.


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