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Prof. Hatem Mostafa El-bolok
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    After completing the liberation of Sinai in 1981 it was a must to think of the development of Sinai as a whole through a national project. Since 1990 this project provided houses for three million Egyptian citizens to relocate into the region in order for Sinai to become economically promising for the future of Egypt. Besides, this development assured Sinai’s role in the stability of national security for Egypt’s eastern gate. The most important factor of development in any society is planning and setting a suitable strategy which would achieve development. It is well-known that educational and research institutions are the main factors in selecting the planning methods and setting strategies.

    In fact, we have to admit that one of the main reasons behind the delay in the implementation of the national project was the absence of an educational and research institution belonging to the region. An educational institution would be able to lead the development and movement of the region. Consequently, some free-thinking business men believed in the importance of a private educational institution to lead the region’s development regardless of its economical benefit.

    The decision of establishing SU as a giant university was not merely to introduce an excellent educational service through excellent instruction of research and academic programs. The decision was also materialistic, humanitarian and universal to develop Sinai, Egypt in particular and the Arab world in general. Planning and leading global change through our various research centers is a strategy to develop a region close to the hearts of all Egyptians. After what Sinai suffered from countless wars over the centuries it witnesses the development that makes for a promising future for our Egyptian economy.

Prof. Hatem Mostafa El-bolok
President of Sinai University

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