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Registration requirements

Sinai University only accepts outstanding students of certain quality pertinent to each faculty based on the stipulations of the Higher Council for Private Universities, in addition to the decision made by the Special Committee for students interviewing that is taken according to internationally-recognized scientific criteria and taking into consideration the students' own interests and desires.

Should the number of applicants exceeds the maximum admission limit for a given faculty, the University favors those with higher Thanaweya Amma grades and in case of a tie the University resigns to other International scientific criteria and generally admission is granted according to:

    Academic qualification (Thanaweya Amma grade or its equivalent).
    English Language Fluency (as it's the language of instruction).

    Other scientific requirement mandated individually by each faculty.

An applicant should apply to the University campus in ElArish or to the Administrative Headquarter of S.U in Qattameta (Cairo – Sama Administrative Tower – Fifth floor – The Ring Road) to fill out the application for admission and attach all the needed documents. (Freshman Registration Administration).

Medical Examination

All freshmen and transfer students must undertake a medical examination run by the medical unit of the university prior to the academic year start. A medical log is designated for each student to follow up their medical and health condition in the course of the academic year.

English Language Proficiency

The university conducts Oxford On-line Placement Test for freshman and transfer students admission.

Admission criteria

The University complies with the decrees of the Higher Council for Private Universities pertaining admission rules for freshman and transfer students.

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