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Many discussions about university location were held with the participation of universities' presidents, political figures, economists and investors. They were all convinced that it is important and strategic to establish Sinai University in this location to benefit from its geographical and strategic importance. It is taken for granted that construction starts with the educational institutions which are the corner stone for any new society.

All were convinced and confirmed the appropriateness of the site for its :

  1. Economic value to the region where new industries will emerge, agriculture, tourism; mining and pharmaceutical industries will flourish. This region has a special potential for medicinal and herbal plants business in addition to fisheries.

  2. Social, economic, developmental and cultural impact in the area.

  3. Services through various research institutes.

  4. Demanding investments opportunities in the area.

SU vision for the location:

Families have an effect on the education process in general and the student in particular as they affect the character of the student in his attitudes, experience and directions either scientific or other things.
Thus the SU put this into consideration in choosing the location to make the best use of it in building and developing students' academic and personal capabilities in decision making to be a responsible person.

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