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• Where is Sinai University?

Sinai University occupies a distinct position on the Mediterranean coast near the city of Al-Arish, where lies about 8 km from the city, located in Almsaid neighborhood - the University away from Al-Esmaalih about 160 km and 280 km around Cairo - the car go the distance from Cairo to Al-Arish in about Three hours.Top

• What is Sinai University’s mailing address?

The general mail address is

• How old is Sinai University?

On year 2005 Mr. President the President of Arab Republic of Egypt takes decision no.363 to establish Sinai University.Top

• What is Sinai's University mission statement?

Paves the way for Sinai habitation to reach the stage of the privileged economic, social and political districts and refreshing the knowledge to and from Sinai.Top

• Who are the founders of Sinai University?

Dr.Hassan Kamel Rateb the Chairman of the Board of Trustees is the founder of Sinai University. Top

•Who is the President of Sinai University?

Prof. Hatem Mostafa El-bolok. Former Secretary General of the Council of Private Universities in Egypt. Top

• What are the Faculties offered by Sinai University? and who are their Deans?

• Faculty of Engineering Sciences: Prof. Dr. Muhammed Abdelsalam.
• Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Industries: Prof. Dr. Soad Abou El-Ela
• Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Science: Prof. Dr.Muhammed Abdelsalam .
• Faculty of Dentistry: Prof. Dr.Mohamed El-yasqy
• Faculty of Business Administration and International Marketing: Prof. Ahmed Abd Allah Abaza 
• Faculty of Media Technology: Prof. Dr. Seham Nasar .
• Faculty of Humanities, English Department: Dr. Hazem Ismail El Baick . Top

• What is The Academic advisor?

An academic advisor is assigned for each student to guide and instruct and solve their problems during study. Students should consult their academic advisors before registration and get their approval. The advisor, however, has to keep a file for each student that contains copies of their grades, ID, add and drop and withdrawal, if any. Top

• What is meant by credit system?

The academic system in the university follows the credit hours system, so that the graduation in each faculty is granted upon the completion of legal unit studies known by credit hour. For instance in the faculty of Pharmacy, the student acquires the Bachelor of Science degree once accomplished 192 credit hours, as deemed a minimum requirement for graduation. Each subject is in need of defined teaching hours per week within the semester. On theory credit hour is taught one hour per week during one semester whereas one practicing credit hour is taught two or three hours per week. Top

• What if I no longer wish to continue in a course?

During the first two weeks of the semester, and after consulting and getting permission from his/her academic advisor, a student is allowed to add and drop any course provided that they don’t exceed the maximum credit hours allowed. Top
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