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Library Services

  • Bibliographic Search: Display of the information sources available in the library on a particular subject or a particular author.

  • External Borrowing:

  • Faculty members: can borrow up to 4 books for two renewable weeks and another copy must be available.

  • Students: can borrow one book every Wednesday and restore it back on Saturday.

  • University staff: borrow up to one book for one week and another copy must be available.

  • In-house Use of Library Materials: Patrons may use any available information resources in the reading area inside the library.

  • Photocopying Service: The service is to provide SU library patrons with high quality copy at convenient prices, taking into consideration the intellectual property rights.

  • Open access area: It helps the library patrons locate additional informational resources via the Internet.

  • A/V Materials: Students can either view use the self-teaching media or view films, listen to music and songs.

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