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The University location was carefully chosen to help students achieve their educational goals and to allow a better chance for their involvement and recreation.

The University facilities provide the foundation for a student – centered environment that is supportive, challenging, and integrative. They promote their intellectual, social and spiritual development and prepare students for lifelong learning and global citizenship.

Campus main buildings:

SU Research Centers:

Other facilities

Residence Buildings

  • University Headquarter.

  • Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Industries’ Building.

  • Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Science’s Building.

  • Faculty of Engineering Science's Building.

  • Faculty of Dentistry.

  • Faculty of Media Technology.

  • Faculty of Business Administration and International Marketing.

  • Environmental Research and Studies.

  • Marketing and Management.

  • Advanced Technology Research.

  • Human Development and Training.

  • Energy Research.

  • Conference Hall.

  • Public Library.

  • Students’ Cafeteria

  • Sports Playgrounds

  • Academic Staff Residence Buildings

  • Fitness Center

  • Swimming Pool

  • Beaches

  • Horse Stables

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