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The German company Engcotec
Engcotec was founded in 1987 by Engineer Dr. Samak. Today,after more than two decades of international experience, Engcotec has built up a successful and solid business around PV systems. .......... More
The German company Simon-Kucher & Partners
SKP provides its services through offices in Bonn, Munich, Boston, Frankfurt, Warsaw, Milan, Zurich, London, Paris, San Francisco, and Tokyo. SKP specializes in corporate strategy and marketing. .......... More
Vicat Company France
Vicat Group located in eight countries, manufactures cement, produces ready-mixed concrete and aggregates. It conducts other activities that are parallel or supplementary to its core operations. .......... More
Aalborg Company Denemark
Aalborg Portland Group which owns the trademark of Aalborg white, Aalborg Portland, Unicon, is leading Danish Company in the field of Cement Production all over the world. .......... More
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