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Toulouse University
The University of Toulouse 1 is a consortium of universities and other Institutions of higher education and research centers. This university is considered one of the earliest universities established in Europe. .......... More
New Mexico-Tech University
New Mexico-Tech is an institute of higher education that serves that diverse population of New Mexico by integrating education, research, public service, and economic development through emphasis on Science, Engineering, and Natural Resources. .......... More
RWTH Aachen University
RWTH Aachen University is a large university located in Aachen, Germany. Aachen University is one of the most prestigious universities in Germany and one of the leading technology universities in Europe. .......... More
Ecole Des Mines D'Albi University- France
Ecole Des Mines is the oldest school in Paris. It can claim a French president and Noble Prize Winner amongst its many graduates it is ranked in the top three universities for science and technology in France. .......... More
AGH University of Science and Technology- Poland
AGH University of Science and Technology is the second largest technical university in Poland, located in Krakow. This University was established in 1919 and was formerly known as the University of Mining and Metallurgy. .......... More
University of Applied Sciences Amberg-Weiden- Germany
Amberg-Weiden University of Applied Sciences opened in 1995. It offers courses of studies in the Faculties of Engineering and Business Administration & international Marketing. .......... More
The polytechnic Institute LaSalle Beauvais- France
It is an Engineering school for post-graduate in the fields of agriculture, food processing, bio, diet-health, geology and environment. It consists of a merge between ISAB and IGAL (Geological Institute Albert de Lapparent). .......... More
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