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SU library is certainly one of the highlights of our campus. With its distinctive architectural design and up-to-date facilities, the library serves the academic community of college, researchers and students. The library holds around 1500 books in Arabic and more than 3500 books in English on various aspects of business administration, computer science and mass communication.


SU library vision is to develop high-tech learning resources and information services dedicated to support learning and research that is fully integrated with SU academic activities. The library vision reflects the University's high standards of quality that lead to innovations in information provision and management.


The primary mission of SU library is to provide user-focused, quality services and resources in all formats (print/electronic) that stimulate and respond to the informational needs and activities (teaching, learning, and research) of faculty, staff and students at SU.


  1. Identify, acquire, organize and preserve informational resources including appropriate use of state-of-art technology.

  2. Provide instruction for users in the most effective methods of locating and retrieving information in all formats.

  3. Create a forward thinking, dynamic organization that is responsive and flexible to user needs in order to achieve its mission and objectives.

  4. Encourage and enable users to become lifelong retrievers, evaluators and users of information. For example, each course has an associated list of "Recommended Books" which are normally available in the library.

  5. Increase information resources that students have access to through collaboration with national and international academic and public specialized libraries.

General information

SU library opens on Saturday through Wednesday, from 9.00 AM to 10.00 PM. The library closes on Thursday and Friday and public holidays. 

Library Services

  • Bibliographic Search: Display of the information sources available in the library on a particular subject or a particular author.

  • External Borrowing:

  • Faculty members: can borrow up to 4 books for two renewable weeks and another copy must be available.

  • Students: can borrow one book every Wednesday and restore it back on Saturday.

  • University staff: borrow up to one book for one week and another copy must be available. 

  • In-house Use of Library Materials: Patrons may use any available information resources in the reading area inside the library.

  • Photocopying Service: The service is to provide SU library patrons with high quality copy at convenient prices, taking into consideration the intellectual property rights.

  • Open access area: It helps the library patrons locate additional informational resources via the Internet.

  • A/V Materials: Students can either view use the self-teaching media or view films, listen to music and songs.

Library Collection

The SU library houses a curriculum-oriented collection containing books, CDs, journals, e-books, e-journals and full-text databases. The collection is mainly geared toward SU degree program requirements. The collection is divided into two categories:

A - Traditional library resources (Printed)

  1. Books (English and Arabic) in a variety of curriculum-oriented topics.

  2. Reserve collection: The reserve collection includes both items designated by faculty for their course usage as well as recommended core texts (primary, secondary, background).

  3. Periodicals/journals

  4. Audio-visual materials

B - Digital sources:

  • CD cataloging

  • Journals to cover all academic areas of study from more than 100 academic and professional publishers. (The library website).

Rules and Regulations

  • The Library opens from: 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

  • The Library is closed on Thursday and Fridays and holidays.

  • No smoking, drinking or eating are allowed inside the Library.

  • Bags must be kept at the entrance.

  • Mobiles must be put onto silent & calls made outside the Library.

  • Silence is required, as well as cleanliness.

  • Readers must leave the Library books on the table after reading.

  • All non-Library books should be reported to the Librarian upon entry to the library.

  • Readers with queries should not hesitate to contact the Librarian.

  • For borrowing books, please refer to the borrowing rules.

  • The Librarian has the authority to take appropriate action against any violation of the library rules.

Circulation System

  • A borrower should be a student or a staff member at SU.

  • An individual may borrow up to 3 books at one time.

  • Loan period is two renewable weeks. Extra copies of the most popular books are on one week loan.

  • Journals may not be borrowed.

  • The borrower is responsible for the books in his possession.


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