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    Health is one of the most important life factors that must be preserved and promoted in the society. Out of this concept, and the interest in maintaining health aspect by providing students with knowledge through training courses and guidelines for health to protect them from diseases that harm them, and to convey to them health education appropriate to maintain the health of present and future life conditioning and lifestyle with the practice of voluntary health adaptation.

Sinai University seeks excellence from the outset to provide a first-class healthy environment of sports supervised by specialists in various fields of sports, under the supervision of the university administration.
At the health club, a full range of athletic services have been provided, including training room (gym), which includes international sports equipment bearing the most famous brands in addition to aerobic exercises and group exercises.

The most important characteristic of the health club is its distinguished located between lecture halls, overlooking charmingly green landscaped gardens, which provide positive mental health which is characteristic of the town of El Arish out of SU’s keenness to provide its students with perfectly integrated personality to our dear society.

Needless to say that the health clubs in the universities aimed at spreading the concept that health is not limited to providing medical services, but extends to provide an integrated program that takes care of students’ health in all respects to include "World Health Organization's” definition that health is a perfect wellness of physical, mental, psychological, and social aspects and not merely the absence of disease and disability.

Training Schedules:
Health club is open from 7 am until 11 pm with the provision of special periods for women.

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